Malcolm Callaway

“Fond of outrageous verbal and visual puns, his high-realist images display both a merry wit and a sharp satirical bite. Where many high realists favour the slick and the banal, Callaway serves up shadow material in a glossy package, and lets us squirm.”

– Curator Robin Metcalf

Malcolm Callaway was born in Plympton, Devon, England and now resides in Chester, Nova Scotia. His creative contributions are many–faceted; Malcolm Callaway’s work as a painter, writer, and producer have each been widely recognozed in their own right. Malcolm Callway has worked extensively as a scenic artist in the television and movie industry. His most noted position was as head scenic artist for the movie “Two if by Sea” where he was called upon to reproduce works of art by Monet, Renoir, Matisse, Gauguin, Hockney, Johns, and Pollack. Malcolm Callaway is also an accomplished writer, writing several plays, comedies and musicals. In collaboration with three other writers, Malcolm wrote “Death, the Musical,” & “Karaoke at the Afterlife Bar and Grill.” He later co‐produced an internet television version renamed “Afterlife Bar & Grill.” To find about about what’s he’s been up to lately, read more about Malcolm Callaway’s current works here.